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Founded in 1995, Oak Brook College of Law is a California-based, mission-driven school with a unique approach to and perspective on legal education. Oak Brook’s mission is to train “advocates of truth, counselors of reconciliation, and ministers of justice,” providing aspiring Christian attorneys legal education which values the Biblical foundations of law as well as this nation’s history and heritage, while emphasizing academic excellence, character development and spiritual vitality. Oak Brook sources its students from those within the Christian community who are called to live out their faith in professions of law and/or statesmanship.

Oak Brook uses an innovative curriculum which, coupled with a correspondence/distance-learning model, combines flexibility with accountability to maximize learning effectiveness. Additionally, Oak Brook provides opportunities to gain real-world experience while studying law, to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and legal practice. Within this context, Oak Brooks arms its students with the tools to tailor their studies to meet their individual needs and learning styles, resulting in a highly personalized, highly effective Christian law school experience.

“Oak Brook College is a place where not only your legal education can begin, but where you will be prepared for whatever God calls you to do. It is a place where you are surrounded by peers who will be your friends for the rest of your life and by professors who will help not only with the academic subjects, but be mentors as you enter your professional career wherever God calls you. Oak Brook is a place where you can grow not only as a law student, but as a person.” – Mark


Oak Brook is pleased to offer multiple programs and options for receiving high quality legal training.

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Are you a Christian who is considering law school? If so, we encourage you to read the eBook written by OBCL alumni, So You Want to be a Lawyer? Click the button below to download the eBook. Let us help you discover whether and how you share our calling.

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Why Study at Oak Brook College?

What if obtaining a Juris Doctor degree didn’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and could be done in accordance with your Christian worldview?

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Oak Brook College: the meaning behind the name

Within its name, Oak Brook College of Law symbolizes the cause and effect relationship between the implementation of true principles of law and government and the growth and stability of a nation.

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